Scott, Todd - Photo Credit: Aylmer Express

Hayhoe Hops was established in 2014 by brothers Scott and Todd Hayhoe. The farm is located in Elgin county near the north shore of Lake Erie. The moderating effect of the lake and the prevailing winds from the southwest provide a desirable growing environment for hops. The farm started as a result of a passion for the brewing process and the love of watching things grow.


On the job in the yard 2016

Scott Hayhoe

Scott grew up on the family farm and was involved in many extracurricular school programs and sports. Scott completed his degree at Waterloo University in 2009 in Peace and Conflict Studies.  He has a keen interest in making home-made beer and keeping an eye on the hop yard. Scott married his soul mate right next to the hop yard in 2015 and they enjoy spending time cooking together and trail running together. Scott and his wife welcomed their first son to their family in early 2018. Their time is now spent changing diapers and watching the baby.



Todd grew up on the farm as well and completed his degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Guelph before returning home to farm. When he's not busy on the farm he enjoys spending time woodworking in the shop and playing with his dog. He married the woman of his dreams and together they enjoy weekend adventures and projects around the house. With the arrival of their first son in late 2017 their weekend adventures now involve the stroller, diaper bag, a change of clothes, a snack, the soother etc etc.