We are uniquely able to provide our brewers with high quality hops because we control every aspect of their production. From growing the crop through the spring and summer, to managing every step during harvest and processing, to storage and finally delivery - we do it all.

We are able to provide hops on the spot market and we also encourage our brewers to contract their hops with us as it allows our brewers to plan ahead and gives them confidence that the hops they need with be delivered when needed. It also allows us as farmers to plan ahead for future variety choices, and expansion plans.


We offer fresh hops to our brewers as well. Please contact us anytime to plan for harvest beers as timing is critical during the harvest season.

 Contracts are available for: CASCADE, CENTENNIAL and CHINOOK hops


Minimum Orders:
There are currently no minimum quantities or dollar values for hop contracting.


Brewers are encouraged to contract for up to three years in advance to ensure adequate availability of hop varieties and to lock in pricing. This also aids us as farmers with planning our hop crop.


Shipping/delivery options will be tailored to meet your timing needs and can be adjusted accordingly through a phone call directly to us at (519) 902-3409. Depending on quantity, and location we will either arrange to deliver the hops ourselves (we love visiting our brewers!) or we will ship your order to you. Your order will be processed for shipment within 24 business hours.


To ensure our cold storage is prepared for the influx of hops during each year’s harvest, all contracted hops will need to be shipped/delivered 10 months after the effective date of the contract. Contracted hops remaining in our cold storage inventory after that date will be charged a storage fee.


Establishing a Contract:
New customers should give us a call or simply complete the Brewer Information Sheet and email it to us at scottehayhoe@gmail.com.  We'll call you back or email you a quote to meet your specific requests and terms will be discussed on an individual basis.


Payment will not be required until the individual orders are shipped per the contract. New customers will be required to provide credit card information for the first year of contracting.  Upon completion of the first year contraction, net terms can be applied.


Brewer Information Sheet